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Here at HawkEye Aerial Media, we offer drone-based aerial photography within all kinds of industries for all kinds of clients. 

Professional Property Photography

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HawkEye Aerial Media can provide drone-based aerial photography and videography throughout the home counties.

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Our Aerial Drone-Team enable insurers to save time to focus on resources where they are most needed. 

Aerial drone footage of floods in Yalding
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Based in Kent, HawkEye Aerial Media provide drone-based aerial photography and videography throughout the country. Here’s a list of the services that we offer:

Aerial Surveys

Aerial Roof Photos

Event Photography/Videography

Landscaping Shots

Real Estate Photos & Videos

Full Editing Service


A sinkhole appeared on the Tonbridge Road in Maidstone, Kent causing traffic chaos HawkEye Aerial Media was there – making the news bulletins across the country. Including a fantastic feature in Kent’s largest media company, The KM Group/KentOnline. We had our Maidstone drone team on standby and decided to launch one of our drones and capture the footage from above. We took a number of stills & also shot an HD video of the Maidstone sinkhole. This footage was then used on the Channel 5 program “Buried Underground” As you can see from the footage our Maidstone drone team had a great birds eye view.

This is the awful devastation of the floods that our Maidstone drones team caught these took hold of Yalding on 21st December 2019, HawkEye Aerial Media managed to get down there to get some video footage for BBC, ITV and the national papers. Our Maidstone drone team then helped the locals of Yalding by providing them with evidence for there insurance companies.

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