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Commercial Drone Inspections In Kent

Welcome to HawkEye Aerial Media, Drone Services Based in Kent and covering anywhere from Dover, Folkestone, Canterbury, Maidstone, Sheerness, Tonbridge Wells and Sevenoaks.

We take Health and Safety very seriously and if we can reduce working at height by using one of our drones instead of scaffolding being erected and keeping boots on the ground then we have achieved something.

Scaffolding or Drone?

How a drone inspection can save you thousands...

Everybody knows that if you need work doing on any kind of roof, you are most likely going to need some sort of scaffolding, this can be expensive and time consuming, Those in the know however, are turning to technology. Drone technology is fast proving to be more versatile, efficient, less disruptive, safer, and a lot more affordable!

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Aerial Drone Footage of Buildings

Here's an example...

Imagine a church and the complexity of scaffolding that would be required to enable the inspection of the roof, tower and extension.

HawkEye Aerial Media were asked to provide an aerial inspection of the church spire and sounding roofs/gullys.

Aerial Drone Footage of Church

We arranged with the surveyor to meet up at 10am after completing a walk around  the church and discussing what was needed. We then did all our safety checks and risk assessments, With the surveyor looking at a live feed he was able to direct the drone pilot to any areas of concern. Within an hour we had provided all the imagery the surveyor needed…this saved our client thousands of pounds and a lot of time.

Our use of drones has helped the construction industry in Kent.

Aerial Drone Footage of Construction Site

Between 2018-2019 there were 213,660 new homes built.We have been there to help provide drone footage from start to finish on some of the biggest developments.This is a very cost effective way of recording progress and issues on a construction site.

Unfortunately, boundary disputes are common. Boundary divisions can drift over time either deliberately accidentally. Lines marked on Land Registry Title plans are often on scales of 1:1,250 making it very hard to assess property ownership in detail. Drone images and photography for boundary dispute resolution is now a useful and cost-effective solution.

Aerial Drone Footage by HawkEye Aerial Media

Using a combination of drones for boundary disputes along with Land Registry boundary data can help speed the process along and make it easier to resolve. Alternatively, to avoid future boundary disputes drones can provide aerial photos and videos to help divide new plots of land. Even before formal legal action is required, aerial drone images of property boundaries can help at an early stage, showing both parties impartial evidence of the boundary to avoid future disputes.We have experience of aerial drone photography to assist with residential boundary disputes as well as commercial.

HawkEye Aerial Media drone inspections are available in Kent covering anywhere from Dover and Folkstone through to Maidstone, Bearsted, Marden, Tunbridge Wells, Sevenoakes and anywhere in- between for high level property inspections. Using the latest drone technology from DJI, we provide high quality photography/videography, quick and effective high level property inspections, no need for climbing ladders or paying for scaffolding.

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