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Kent Drone Roof Inspections

Welcome to HawkEye Aerial Media drone roof inspections in Kent. In the past your only option to check your roof was to send someone up to visually identify the damage. Not only is this job dangerous, but it is likely that clambering around on broken loose tiles will cause more problems. You would probably have to erect scaffolding/ladders or even hire in a cherry picker. The problems do not stop once the workers have reached the roof, as tight angles and safety requirements make some areas unviewable and completely off limits. This is where our drone roof inspection offers a great advantage.

A roof inspection can be undertaken with a simple phone call. We are used by roofing companies, landlords and property owners to instantly assess the condition of your rooftop. Live video feed to the inspector or owner for instant feedback. This method is more affordable than conventional scaffolding or high risk ladder and rope inspection. Our Kent based drone team can access structures that would be impossible to work on due to the fragile nature of the structure. Kent drone roof inspections can be used to assess the condition of glass roofs, chimneys, dormer windows, also storm damage for insurance assessments and other complicated structures.

Due to the zero impact of our drone inspections there will be no disruption to workflow. The process is quick, and you can have your images/videos the same day.

HawkEye Aerial Media's Darryl Ratchford

Our aerial roof inspections provide images of:

HawkEye Aerial Media Kent drone roof inspections cover anywhere from Dover and Folkestone through to Maidstone, Bearsted, Marden, Tunbridge Wells, Sevenoakes and anywhere in- between for high level property inspections. Using the latest drone technology from DJI, we provide high quality photography/videography, quick and effective high level property inspections, no need for climbing ladders or paying for scaffolding.

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