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Aerial photos and videos capture the scale of the property, land, gardens and surroundings not possible with ground-based photography. Our Kent drone team and aerial filming team in Kent uses remotely piloted drones giving potential buyers in Kent an elevated “birds eye” view that makes your property portfolio stand out from the crowd on websites.

HawkEye Aerial Media Kent’s drone team will increase your marketing potential of your residential properties in the Kent and South East area. Houses and apartments that may look plain at ground level can be invigorated using our Kent drone team’s aerial shots.

Often Google’s aerial maps and Google Earth’s aerial views via satellite are out of date and do not reflect the true picture. Our Kent drone team can capture aerial photos which can be taken from ground level to 400ft to show a current and accurate layout.

Using our Kent drone team’s UAV’s, HawkEye Aerial Media makes marketing an affordable and attractive option for estate agents in the Kent area. Clients are now asking for “aerial photos of my house” and are prepared to pay to gain an advantage when selling their homes.

Floor Plans

High-quality property photos and video are vital in showcasing a property in the best light. Wide angle shots score well with buyers.

A clear well-designed floor plan will help put your listing to the top of the pile as a professional listing from a professional business

Floor Plans
Darryl Ratchford


Drone technology is a game changer in the Construction Industry. 

Progress Photography– We offer a cost effective service, capturing data from different angles and phases of your site, we can return as often as you would like us to, these stills and videos are useful for site progress reports, meaning that you do not necessarily have to visit the site yourself, you can be updated from the comfort of your office, Our UAV’s are GPS enabled, so every photo can be taken from the exact same position, every time.

Safety First– We offer a solution to eliminate working at height and keeping boots on the ground, with there being no need for expensive scaffolding as we can operate up to 400f. Our UAV’s will capture the data required, whilst we are safely on the ground. You can view the drones live stream and direct the pilot to the problem areas. Data is handed over on job completion.