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Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions will be supplied at the time of client sign up

Please note

In this document the following expressions apply:

We/us/our means HawkEye Aerial Media;

You/they means the client subject to the contract

Copyright and use of media

Photographs and videos on this website are the property of HawkEye Aerial Media. The media is protected by Copyright Law and cannot be reproduced, printed, copied or used elsewhere on any other website or social media platform without our prior permission. If permission has not been granted and unauthorised use of the media is found, the person(s) involved will be charged for the use of the material and this may also lead to prosecution through a COURT OF LAW should we need to take this course of action.

Unless a buyout of the footage is specifically agreed HawkEye Aerial Media retains the copyright of all videography and photography taken by any of our pilots or contracted pilots, This includes any photo/video taken from any other device. We also reserve the right to supply the footage to any stock library.

The client purchasing the service from HawkEye Aerial Media will get full use of the media taken to use in any way they see fit including but not limited to website promotion, social media and any printed documents for an agreed amount of time.  However, they will not be able to sell the footage or allow 3rd party companies to use it without an agreement in writing from HawkEye Aerial Media.

We reserve the right to use any of our footage for our own promotional purposes unless specifically agreed in writing not to so by the client.  This would then trigger the buyout. Each buyout will be discussed with the client.  Unless a buyout has been agreed we reserve the right to add our logo to the video/photo and credit at the end of the video footage.

Images of people should have a release form attached to the filming/photo shoot to allow the photographer to use the image in commercial and non-commercial media.

Bookings and cancellations 

A 25% deposit of the quoted amount for the project must be paid when the project has been confirmed in writing. If a site survey is required, the deposit must be paid prior to the commencement of the site survey. 

The client will be sent proof images and/or a low resolution version of any film for approval.  The proof images/films will include the HawkEye Aerial Media watermark.

The full remaining balance of the project must be paid within 14 days of the client receiving the proof low resolution and/or watermarked media. Once the remaining balance has been paid the full resolution media will be despatched to the client via a link to digitally download the media or, if agreed prior to the project, we can put this onto a USB Flash Drive,

Cancellation of a project after the initial 25% deposit has been paid will require 72 hours notice of cancellation prior to any site survey, filming and/or shoot.  Less than 72 hours notice will result in any monies paid being forfeited.

Special occasions eg, weddings sporting events, one off events etc will need 25% deposit before the event/site survey and then full payment 7 days after the event.

Car travel:  There is no charge for car travel within a 30 mile radius from postcode ME17.  Thereafter it is charged at 45 pence per mile travelled.  Other disbursements including travel costs, accommodation, etc., are charged at cost in advance.

In the event of unforeseen adverse weather conditions which stops the filming or the project going ahead once on location, and where an alternative date cannot be agreed (such as a sporting event/wedding for example) then an agreed % will be returned.  For health and safety reasons the pilot’s decision will be final.

Where we post edit the footage you will be sent a draft low resolution copy of the video.  We will then send you the full resolution copy of that footage for you to enjoy once the final payment has been received.

Insurance and Permission for Commercial Operations   

We carry Public Liability Insurance to the value of £1,000,000 which  can be increased to £5,000,000+ as and when required.

A copy of the insurance and CAA PfCO will be carried by the pilot at all times for the client to see if requested.