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Why Using A Drone to Do Your Roof Inspection Is Better Than the Traditional Method of Using A Ladder

It is incredible how technology has been incorporated into many areas of our daily lives, from communication to home maintenance. Drones are changing the way we do roof inspections. This has gone further to provide new job opportunities for drone pilots and operators. More homeowners will be choosing drones over the traditional home inspection techniques, and more drone operators will be paid for it. Note that drone inspections have been conducted in tons of other industries to collect visual data. The same concept will come in handy in aerial roof inspections.

Insurance companies rely on drones for claim investigations, especially in areas prone to storms. Initially, inspectors had to climb ladders to get on top of roofs to get the work done. Things are different and better with drones. Here are the benefits of doing home roof inspections using drones.

1. Safety

The most apparent benefit of inspecting roofs using drones is safety. Roofers account for a significant percentage of job fatalities and injures. Doing roof inspections using the traditional methods of using ladders may not be entirely safe. There are several risks that drone-assisted roof inspections eliminate. For instance, there is a risk of a deteriorated roof to cave if it cannot hold the weight off the roofer. Some roof designs are also complex and unsafe for people to climb. Some heights are also risky. Doing a roof inspection with the help of a drone operator goes a long way in helping you collecting the data you need without putting anyone’s life at risk.

2. Cost-Effectiveness

Drone-assisted roof inspections are cost-effective compared to conventional techniques. For one, it eliminates the need to source equipment such as ladders and scaffolding required to help roofers climb to the top. More so, it saves on transportation costs that would have been incurred to bring the equipment on site. Employing the technology to conduct inspections will significantly cut labor costs. Only one drone operator will be required instead of several people who will be needed for the job. This will reduce the overall cost of the inspection.

Drones will also do the job faster, meaning that you will not be paying for the many hours that the professionals will spend doing the job. Reducing the time of labor means that you will reduce costs

Aerial Drone Footage of Roof

3. You Will Collect Detailed Data

If some roof issues go unnoticed, the damage will extend, leading to costly repairs and property damage. Unfortunately, the traditional roof inspection techniques are not entirely thorough, and there is a lot that the inspectors can miss. For instance, some roofs may have difficult to reach spaces that people may be unable to inspect. Drones can fill the gaps. They can run every corner and collect data on it. Drones can capture high-quality images that will help the inspectors quickly diagnose issues. They can capture data in elevations that would otherwise be impossible with conventional techniques.

Drones can be programmed to carry automated inspections regularly. This means that the homeowner can see how the roof was before repair and after being fixed. The availability of detailed data will inform more effective and thorough maintenance.

4. Customer Satisfaction

Drone operator jobs are on the rise across several industries. We are set to see more job operators in the estate agent and insurance industries as consumers are enjoying better footage, high-quality images of properties, and speedy contract processes. Home roof inspectors using drones are getting better feedback from their customers. If you run a maintenance business or just need your roof checked, then this technology is something you might want to consider for better sales and customer satisfaction.

It is impossible to show customers the extent of damage on their roofs using clear images captured at different elevations. At the same time, it is possible to demonstrate your roof repair skills to them and show them the difference that your services have made. With the availability of such information, it is easy to make the customers happy. 

5. Reduced Insurance Costs

Due to the risks associated with home inspectors’ jobs, there is a need for home inspection companies to insure their workers. Due to the same risks, the companies also need to ensure their equipment.

Homes are significant investments, and it is something that homeowners can sue home inspection companies over. In case of damage caused by inaccurate inspection, the company will take liability.

Drone-assisted inspections can reduce insurance costs. You will not have to cover injuries for laborers as they will not be exposed to the danger of climbing roofs. More so, there will be no need to insure equipment such as ladders or scaffolding.

Drones generally reduce the risk to your employees and homeowners. They carry out a more detailed inspection, eliminating the potential of liability caused by inaccurate inspections. This makes the cost of inspection generally lower for both the homeowners and home inspection companies.

6. Faster Roof Inspections

Time is money. The more time inspectors spend doing the inspection and compiling a report for you, the more money it will cost you. Roof inspections usually require planning. People have to come on-site, set up their equipment, and climb the roof to get started. After the inspection, they have to compile their findings to come up with a report. Drones make the planning and execution process faster. The job starts immediately the drone operator comes on-site, and the reports can be compiled in real-time.

With the help of drone inspection software, the operators can use the data to compile accurate reports.


Just like in all other fields, the use of technology brings unmatched efficiency and effectiveness. Drone-assisted roof inspections increase safety in the operations, hence reducing insurance costs. By using the technology, the job will get done faster and with more accuracy. Homeowners can have a detailed view of their roofs and where they need to be fixed, and the results of repairs leading to more customer satisfaction. The technology has also made inspections cheaper. 

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